Fruteiro’s pulps are utilized in many industrial sectors: among them, producers of packaged juice/smoothies, ice cream, yoghurt and desserts and industries in specialized sectors (oenological, nutraceutical), both for semi-finished and finished products.

Industrial packaging formats are also suitable for large ice cream and confectionery production laboratories that are looking for both the highest quality of ingredients and a practical packaging required for high production volumes.

Fruteiro’s pulps - single strength and NFC ("Not From Concentrate") without flavours or colourings - guarantee to the user total naturalness and perfect sensorial, nutritional and functional correspondence with the best fresh fruit and are therefore ideal ingredients for premium industrial products, aimed at consumers who look for healthy eating and drinking.

The availability of frozen pulps for prompt delivery and an attractive quality/price ratio as direct producers of pulp from fresh fruit complete the picture of the offer dedicated to industrial companies and large artisanal laboratories.

Small formats are available for R&D activities.


The assortment and formats dedicated to industries and laboratories:

Bag-in-Box da 16kg (block of frozen pulp in a double bag sealed inside the carton)..

Assortment: • AçaíAcerolaPineappleGoiaba (Guava)MangoMaracujà / Passion FruitMelonPapaya

Availability: in stock in ITALY and HOLLAND.

To check the availability of other varieties of fruit in the 16 kg Bag-in-Box format, please write to .


180 kg metal drum (double inner bag)

Assortment: • AçaíAcerolaPineappleGoiaba (Guava)MangoMaracujà / Passion FruitMelonPapaya

Availability: to check the availability of the current assortment of pulp in drums write us at .


Vegan product, lactose free.

Certifications: Kosher, HACCP, GMP.