Ananas comosus


It is very widespread in all tropical regions. The varieties of pineapple from Brazil (where it is known as abacaxi) tend to be particularly sweet and fully reflect all the nuances of the best pineapples.

Like with mango, while most of the consumers are quite aware of how pleasant the taste of this fruit can be, they are often less knowledgeable about its nutritional properties. Indeed, pineapple contains good levels of vitamin C and of vitamins of the B complex. Important is also the presence of an enzyme, bromelain, that greatly helps digestion.

Chemical-Physical and Nutritional average values for 100g

Nutritional properties

Values per 100g NRV* %
Energy 47 Kcal - 201 kJ
Proteins 0,7 g
Carbohydrates 9,5 g
Fats 0,4 g
Vitamin C 60,0 mg - 100% RDA
Potassium 250 mg

Chemical-physical properties

Values per 100g
Total solids 12 g
Soluble Solids 12 °Brix
Acidity (Citric Acid) 0,5 g

* NRV = Nutrient Reference Values