We all know that fruits are quite healthy and we often feel like we do not eat enough of them.

Nutritionists and dietologists from all over the world have recently more strongly encouraged to increase fruit consumption, suggesting to eat it a few times during the day.

According to the experts of WHO (World Health Organization), we should ideally eat fruits 5 times per day. Obviously, it is vital to vary our choice of fruits as much as possible.

Other nutritionists suggest a simple rule that reminds us to take care of our well-being: fruits of the same color are allocated to each of 5 consecutive days. For instance, 1st day: yellow/orange fruits (orange, apricot, peach,…); 2nd day: red fruits (cherry, strawberry ,…), and so on.


How can this be compatible with the hectics and constraints of modern life?

Fruteiro helps you take full advantage of the contribution fruits can give to our health.

Indeed, by making many varieties of Brazilian tropical fruits (some of which exclusive of Brazil) comfortably available as frozen pulp, Fruteiro: